Product Update - 11/12/2021

Nov 12th 2021

Hello again!It's been some time since my last update. With the ramping up of the Invader V2 beta, and the rapid development of the Invader build kit, I've had a lot to do and keep up with. At this tim … read more

Invader Beta Update - 10/27/2021

Oct 30th 2021

Hello friends,Its been a busy week at Digital Nimbus Labs where I've been working hard on updating the Invader PDW design with the latest changes based on feedback from the testing group in addition t … read more

About the Invader PDW V2 Beta

Oct 30th 2021

If you're following along to this point, you know that I've been doing my best to be transparent with my process and bring you the latest news regarding the development of the Invader PDW. At this poi … read more

Invader PDW V2 Design completion

Oct 30th 2021

I'm narrowing in on the completion of the V2 design. Yesterday I was able to fabricate the bars for the brace to spec and assemble the major components into my test mule frame and had a rather success … read more

Spring kit sourcing

Oct 30th 2021

As of today I've tried many different off the shelf springs for the FDM-9. I have a couple more on order but it seems like it's pretty tricky to find an available spring that has both the correct size … read more